Over the course of her marriage Meghan has adopted a favourite fashion failsafe - the mini dress. Newsweek looks at the royals best mini dress moments.
"Wordle" is a global phenomenon with millions of players who take part to solve daily puzzles.
"I use products especially for livestock animals, not just any old soap," the farmer said, responding to concerns that the soap could be harmful to the lamb.
Throughout Wimbledon's history, from Princess Diana to Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, royals have put their best fashion foot forward.
Dedicated Swifties will know that Taylor will most likely drop hints in her songs about her current relationship situation, so keep your ears open.
The princes both acknowledged the 2022 Diana Awards separately, with William sending a congratulatory letter and Harry opening the proceedings with a speech.
Redditors slammed the company's "bait-and-switch" offer, and agreed that the applicant "dodged a bullet."
As speculation about William and brother Prince Harry's relationship grows, he praised Diana Award recipients for continuing his mother's legacy.
"My client continued working after his medical diagnosis because he wanted to work and was able to do so," said Willis' attorney.
The portrait by Nelson Shanks was painted during the most turbulent period of the princess' public and private lives with "strikingly honest" results.
When asked if she'd be watching the 1998 World Cup match between England and Argentina, the queen responded: "We're going to have a very difficult job I think."
"All this succeeded in doing was causing more angst for the royal family [and] they were totally out of touch, ill-prepared and they did not bridge the gap."
A senior royal source said that Charles and wife Camilla were "absolutely thrilled" to see the Sussex family during their Platinum Jubilee visit to Britain.
British morning show host Lorraine Kelly said that Meghan "has things to say" and an "astonishing platform" that makes a political future a possibility.
Buckingham Palace should publish findings from a review around allegations Meghan Markle bullied staff, an ex-Government minister told Newsweek.
The prince's annual review revealed that the royal maintains a large staff to assist him and wife Camilla in their personal and private lives.
The financial report published by the royal household for 2021-2022 revealed that the royals' travel expenditure was $5.4 million, but what do they spend it on?
During an ongoing misconduct hearing, it is alleged Meghan Markle was compared by officers to a racist toy described by the Jim Crow Museum as "grotesque."
Gemma Chan is set to star in the time-traveling series "The Moon Represents My Heart," which is to find a home on Netflix.
"President Trump has to get re-elected—God forbid—again, or he has to just leave the national stage," McCain said of potential change in the GOP.
Ahead of her upcoming summer tour with Angel Olsen and Julien Baker, the indie musician talks about her sixth LP 'We've Been Going About This All Wrong'
A scene from the Disney+ animation "Baymax!" features a person wearing a trans flag buying period pads, sparking both outrage and praise online.
"They're not getting the same kind of attention they did. They've yet to replace me, which is very strange," said McCain, who left the ABC show in 2021.
David Harbour spoke about the hardest part of filming "Stranger Things" Season 4 during a live Q&A session on Instagram ahead of the release of Volume 2.