'I Give Up:' Internet Stuck Over Cat Perfectly Camouflaged in Viral Photo

A quaint photo of a backyard has people across the internet scratching their heads, as there's a cat perfectly camouflaged somewhere in the snap.

The image was shared to the popular Twitter account @Thereisnocat_, which tests the internet's ability to suss out a feline's hiding spot.

A recent image on the social media platform starred none other than Ricky, a cat from Bradford, in England.

The image shows a backyard, with a manicured lawn, shed, wheelbarrow and seating area, with a fence behind.

Photo with Ricky the cat.
The photo with Ricky the cat there somewhere. The owner originally took the photo to test his family. Lee Oman

Despite being assured there was a pet somewhere in the frame, numerous people were left scratching their heads, with the snap racking up more 6,600 likes since being posted last month.

Abolish the GQP admitted: "I thought he was looking out the window lol."

Jackson da fennec raved: "Managed to find him all on my own this time."

Solful commented: "I give up."

Ni de aqui, ni de allá replied: "I can see something black and white that could be a cat."

S̲e̲r̲a̲p̲h̲.̲ wrote: "Completely forgot what a cat looks like at this point, I'm losing it."

Speaking to Newsweek, owner Lee Oman said: "I'd seen him hiding between the wheelbarrow and the shed.

"I took it as a Spot Ricky picture for my partner and daughter but didn't know anything about the Twitter account at that point, my partner told me about it later. I took it from just inside our extension of our kitchen.

Photo with Ricky the cat.
Photo with Ricky the cat. Lee said he got 5-year-old Ricky almost a year ago. Lee Oman

"He's not really a hider and I'm not sure he was intentionally doing so at the time."

Oman said they adopted the five-year-old cat just over a year ago.

He continued: "As for his personality, he's 80% aloof and not very tactile, however there's times where he really likes cuddles and chin strokes. He gets into fights with other cats on the street although generally he's not the instigator."

After spotting the feline, the aptly named Twitter user Cats commented: "Is Ricky really the black thing behind the wheelbarrow? I give up, looked everywhere on this picture..."

Also spotting the giveaway, Bluebird added: "Fluffy tail."

Chris See wrote: "There may not be a cat, but I believe I see a tail."

And finding the hiding spot, StockellnotStockwell asked: "Will someone please tell me if the cat is behind the wheelbarrow!?!"

There's some discussion over whether cats are best suited to the indoors or outdoors, with a number of benefits and risks cited for going outside.

Cat's Protection website states that a feline free to roam provides them with more territory with an interesting environment, allows them to express their natural behavior, while giving them good exercise.

But they noted there are risks associated with the outdoors, including injuries, disease, parasites and ingesting potential poisons. While the biggest risk is loss, either by theft or death.

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Photo with Ricky the cat.
Photo with Ricky the cat. If you had trouble finding Ricky, we circled him in yellow. Lee Oman