WWE Accused of 'No Longer Caring About Wrestling' After Signing Logan Paul

YouTuber Logan Paul has signed a multi-year professional contract with World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), and his arrival is dividing opinions.

The internet personality has had a varied career that's seen him box Floyd Mayweather and star in movies, and now he's turning his previous guest appearances on WWE into a regular gig.

The news of his arrival on WWE was met with mixed reviews, but he was welcomed to the company with open arms by a number of famous wrestlers.

On Thursday, June 30, Paul announced the news on social media in a short, concise manner. "Just signed with the WWE," he wrote, posting pictures of himself signing alongside Interim Chief Executive Officer Stephanie McMahon and Executive Vice President for Global Talent Strategy & Development Triple H, who is a former wrestler.

"Well this will certainly shake up WWE's image," Twitter user @drtyirishtactx wrote in response to the news. He continued: "As a company that no longer cares about Wrestling but instead chases what was hot and popular a decade ago."

While thousands agreed with the sentiment through liking the post, many were quick to point out that 27-year-old has one of the biggest podcasts and a massive following of fans.

Wrestlers Dana Brooke and Eva Marie both responded online, offering their congratulations to Paul, while wrestler Drew Gulak messaged: "Bring it on!"

Other celebrities, like Andrew Schultz, Khaby Lame, KSI and Brock O'Hurn also shared their joy with Paul.

Not everyone was happy about his arrival, though. "You don't need a Twitter brat to be in [WWE]," wrote @michaelturne12 on Twitter. Once again, this criticism was met with opponents who were supportive of Paul joining.

In a video statement posted to the WWE Instagram page, Paul explained his reasons for joining.

"So I just signed my WWE contract with the support of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. This is a massive deal but let's get one thing straight 'cos I don't want to get this twisted. I did not sign this contract to team up with The Miz." He continued: "That man is dead to me. He is my enemy. And I signed this contract so I could beat The Miz's ass at Summerslam, Let's go."

Paul was referencing his previous team up with wrestler Mike 'The Miz,' with whom he wrestled during his appearance at Wrestlemania 38. During that bout, The Miz turned on Paul.

Adding to the announcement, Triple H said on Twitter: "I think it's safe to say [Logan Paul] shocked the world with his abilities as a guest at Wrestlemania," referencing his appearance during February 2022. "Just imagine what he'll do as a WWE Superstar. Congratulations and welcome!"

Paul first appeared on WWE SmackDown on April 2, 2021. He has appeared a few times since then and made his official ring debut during this year's Wrestlemania.

While the WWE haven't confirmed the details of his contract, sports journalist Ariel Helwani claims to have the inside knowledge. "Per sources, it's a multi-year deal to compete at multiple events per year.

No return date set but could be next month at Summerslam. MIZ would make a lot of sense," he wrote.

Helwani claimed that additional details from his source include: "An undisclosed number of premium live events across 2022 and 2023" and that he'll likely make his debut at Summerslam, though he may appear on TV before then.

Logan Paul signs WWE contract
Logan Paul signed his contract next to WWE veterans Stephanie McMahon and Triple H(L). He'd made an appearance (R) before in February 2022, fighting at Wrestlemania 38. WWE