The Daily Break features all of the top trending stories from with your host, Andrew Tallman.

Politics, law, and culture collide as Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer charts a path forward for American conservatism and exposes the woke Left. A voice for the New Right, Hammer delivers blistering commentary and weekly interviews with today's top conservative thinkers.

On Fast Women, hosts Eileen Falkenberg-Hull and Nicole Wakelin take us on their wild adventures around the world while test driving the newest cars, staying at fancy hotels, and discovering local cuisine.

A public forum dedicated to civil debate on the most hot-button issues of the day. Hosted by Celeste Headlee and Andrew Tallman, Newsweek's The Debate features passionate discourse between our guests while also highlighting common ground.

The Diplomat, hosted by Jason Greenblatt is inspired by his work in foreign affairs with the intent of fostering candid conversations on a wide set of global and domestic issues. The Diplomat will veer away from personality-driven political disputes and instead bring nuance and depth to hot topics. Using his diplomatic skills, Greenblatt aims to get at the root of the issues and attempt to find common ground where it exists, rather than sow further division.

From Clarence House to Windsor Castle, and Meghan Markle to the Queen, Newsweek's new podcast The Royal Report brings you all the news you want from the palace and beyond. Hosted by Newsweek royal reporter Jack Royston and royal watcher Kristen Meinzer, each episode features a mix of headlines, in-depth analysis, and friendly debate. Subscribe and listen to the Royal Report from Newsweek wherever you get your favorite shows.

Newsweek’s new on-site reporting show is debuting with a trip to Coachella 2022. Follow along as a variety of Newsweek podcast hosts take you through everything that goes into making Coachella happen.

Newsweek’s H. Alan Scott delivers your weekly dose of pop culture with the Parting Shot. Every Friday you’ll get celebrity interviews, award show coverage, and the rundown on exactly what to watch, read, and listen to in culture. Consider the Parting Shot podcast your one stop shop for everything pop culture.

Writer & musician, Jack Sonni, known worldwide as “the Other Guitar Player in Dire Straits,” gathers an eclectic group of musicians, writers, artists, chefs, cocktail masters and wine geeks to share their work, passions and unique perspectives on a wide range of topics. This your invitation to join “The Leisure Class” for a weekly free-wheeling salon.

Join host Dorie Clark, WSJ Bestselling author of The Long Game, as we explore the future of capitalism. Presented by the Government of Japan.

Hosted by former double agent and Newsweek Editor-at-Large Naveed Jamali, Declassified is an exploration of what it means to be secure — and of the people all over the world who are quietly working to keep us safe.